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19 September 2009 @ 09:11 pm
Some new characters to write to:  
 Writer Information
Name: Clara Leon
Age: 24
Gender: female
Location:  FRANCE (as of Thursday. Born in USA)
E-mail address: principessar16@gmail.com
Are you looking for anything specific in a writer (age, gender, location, etc.)?: Not really -- I'm willing to write to whomever is interested in my characters. I can write in either English or French.

I'll post five different possible characters for letters. I have many more so if none of these interest anyone I could post again.

Character Information
Name: Carani lina Ilenina
Age: 25
Gender: female 
Location: Ileni-Kichen (fictional central-European country) circa 1850
Work/School: She is a writer and poet, particularly interested in chronicling the history of her country and its recent revolution, but also writes about her own life and feelings. 
Described as: She is an aristocrat by her recent marriage. She has black hair and grey eyes. She is intelligent and thoughtful, also dreamy -- prone to flights of fantasy. She is cheerful and positive in her outlook. She is still young, though, and trying to establish her place in a changing world. She wants to know how her life reflects her country's history.  
Are you looking for anything specific in a character? Somebody interested in being her friend. Somebody with the patience to read and respond to her introspection.

Character Information
Name: Fassi Kichenya
Age: 17
Gender: male
Location: Ileni Kichen (fictional central-European country) circa 1845
Work/School: He is a librarian and a would-be revolutionary
Described as: He is an orphan -- his mother died when he was born, and when he was ten his father was executed by the soldiers of the king of his country; he wants to avenge his father and bring about profound change in his country, but so far he has no concrete plans for revolution, nor comrades. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He is very intelligent, though a bit awkward. He is a person of strong convictions. He's something of a nerd -- he likes weird jokes. He is tired of waiting for something to happen to him and would like to take his own destiny in hand, but isn't quite sure how.
Are you looking for anything specific in a character?: Somebody interested in being Fassi's friend.

Character Information
Name: Aleksandr Vassileivich (Sasha) Khudoleiv
Age: 16
Gender: male
Location: Mlodovska (fictional Eastern European country) in 1937
Work/School: He is a high school student.
Described as: The son of a family who fled Russia in 1917. He is a high school student, beginning to think about university. He would like to go into politics. He struggles with his relationship with his parents and with their conservative worldview. He wants very much to be an adult, but is well aware that he isn't one, not yet, and yet feels that in the world he is living in the sooner he can grow up, the better. He has blond hair and blue eyes. 
Are you looking for anything specific in a character?: Somebody interested in being Sasha's friend, perhaps somebody who is interested in Eastern European history / WWII/pre-WWII history.

Character Information
Name: Yarina Pianke (Piani)
Age: 19
Gender: female
Location: London, England around 1904
Work/School: Yarina is an actress
Described as: Yarina was born in south-eastern Europe but came to England to try to make it in the theatre. She is very beautiful, with curly brown hair and brown eyes, and is quite aware of her beauty. She enjoys debating and being provocative, but, if you get to know her, you'll learn that she is a good friend and a person of deep convictions. She is proud, presenting a confident face to the world, but if she comes to trust you she will share more of herself. She is trying to get used to life in a strange culture and she very much needs someone to talk to.
Are you looking for anything specific in a character?: Somebody interested in being Yarina's friend. Somebody with the patience to really get to know her and the openness not to be turned off by her facade.

Character Information
Name: Lucie Chery
Age: 22
Gender: female
Location: Moscow, Russia -- present day
Work/School: she is an exchange student, in Moscow for a semester
Described as: Lucie is born in France, the granddaughter of a Russian émigré. She is currently living in Russia, trying to discover the land 
of her ancestors and to reconcile her ideas of Russia with the real Russia. She is kind and loves to help people;
she worries a lot about what people think of her and hates to disappoint people. She has light brown hair and blue eyes. She tries to be perfect, but knows she can't be, especially when she's dealing with issues of culture shock. She is the confidante for all of her friends -- but 
needs a confidante of her own.
Are you looking for anything specific in a character?: Somebody interested in being Lucie's friend. Somebody interested in travel.

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Principessaprincipessar on October 29th, 2009 08:24 am (UTC)
Re: Email from Damien...
Yes but my computer was stolen, have a new one now and should reply soon